April 26, 2017


Kickstarter Video Credits:

Whike                                       Ned Aufenast                                      www.youtube.com/whikebv
SunSaluter                              Eden Full Goh                                     www.sunsaluter.com
Flywheel Bike                         Max Von Stein                                    https://youtu.be/BOnjtEKArXk
EarthShip fly-over video      Low Carbon Trust                              www.lowcarbon.co.uk
Adobe Bricks video               Asf Galicia                                            https://youtu.be/HTkmZvXbFs0
Papercrete                              Lily Ann Fouts                                     https://youtu.be/94UpPahZV54
WoodGas Volvo                    Frinkbit                                                 https://youtu.be/_DU-q8Njkg4
BioDiesel                               Biodiesel Education                            https://youtu.be/CrjkRcJRzNM
at the Universitiy of Idaho
AirPod car                             Zero Pollution Motors                        http://zeropollutionmotors.us
Zomeworks tracker video  Solar Contracting Service                  solarcontractingservice.com
Hydro Power                        Laurent Moreau                                  https://youtu.be/doDlldTYlhc
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine BlackSharkfr                                     https://youtu.be/REovB1KlfuQ
Cooling Earth Tubes            Off Grid Build                                     youtube.com/user/offthegridbuild
Drone filming                       Bratan
Music                                     Sunny                                                      www.bensound.com

Many thanks to all of our friends who helped us make this video a reality!