August and September workshops & events

Dear friends of GreenSpark,

We’ve just published a list of upcoming workshops and events which will take place at GreenSpark in the coming months.

  • Our Sustainable Arts series will start with a DIY pottery workshop. It will go over two Saturday mornings, and is a fun way for the families to explore the origins of this art form.
  • At the ‘Energy improvements for not-so-green home’ workshop we’ll explore many ways how green home improvements save you money.
  • Planning to sell your home ‘FSBO’ style? At this workshop we’ll go over ways to identify and sell your home’s green potential.
  • Our ‘DIY Solar’ workshop will give you a solid overview of what it takes to design, build, and live with an off-grid solar system.
  • Our monthly free EV Social is a exciting place to meet other Electric Car enthusiasts, who already own an Electric Car or are just exploring an idea of getting one.

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