Flywheel Bicycle exhibit at GreenSpark

There is a new exhibit at GreenSpark: a flywheel bicycle with regenerative braking. When braking, this bike reclaims and stores the energy of forward momentum into the spinning flywheel, to help make it easier to accelerate after a stop. This design uses a NuVinci Continuously Variable Transmission to direct the power to / from the flywhel as needed. When you need to slow down – just put the handle in first position and spin up the flywheel. Once you’re ready to accelerate – put the handle in the second position – and the flywheel will help you go.

Built by Max von Stein, this bicycle was featured on Science Friday show and on the Scientific American.  We are super excited to be able to share this awesome invention with our visitors.

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Two chains: one to the pedals and one to the flywheel

Close-up view of the flywheel

Flywheel control on the handlebar