April 17, 2016

Sustainable Transportation Exhibits


Here are some of the Sustainable Transportation exhibits at Greenspark:

  • Sebring Citicar: Before Tesla, this was the most produced Electric Car of modern times. Made in the 1970s, it was produced in response to the oil embargo.
  • Human-Solar Hybrid ELF: this comfortable solar-powered electric trike can go for 20 miles rain or shine – with only light pedaling. A roof mounted solar panel will recharge it in time to take you back home from work.
  • Biodiesel Setup: This exhibit shows how biodiesel fuel is produced from used vegetable oil. Many diesel cars can use biodiesel fuel without any modifications.
  • Flywheel Powered Bicycle: Why lose energy to friction when you want to slow down? Spin up the flywheel to slow down, and it later helps you accelerate. This bike won an engineering award, and its inventor kindly agreed to let us showcase it.
  • Wood Gas generator: This device makes it possible to run a regular Internal Combustion Engine on wood pellets.
  • Veggie Oil Motor Setup: When Rudolf Diesel invented what we know today as a Diesel engine, he designed it to run on vegetable oil. We identified one such motor, and will make it run on used veggie oil.
  • Wood-powered Car:  That’s right — all you need to drive this car is wood chips, or some other biomass. In fact, people claim that they have successfully used used diapers as fuel.  We have identified several available ones.
  • Compressed Air-powered Car: This car uses compressed air to power the motor. An on-board compressor fills up the tank with enough air to travel 120+ miles using a regular 110 outlet. We communicated with the manufacturer — and will be getting a showcase car.